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Thorough Security Assessment

Prevent potential security breaches with a thorough security assessments from Tactical Speed Shooting & Accessories (TSS&A) in Houston, Texas, surrounding areas outside of Houston, and nationwide.

Detailed Safety Checks

Tactical Speed Shooting & Accessories (TSS&A) we help ensure your safety by performing thorough security assessment of your home and/or business. TSS&A will inspect and review your property, including doors, windows, lights, and cameras. In some cases directional adjustments in these areas can provide added security and a determent  to unauthorized access. AccessoriesAdditionally, Tactical Speed Shooting & Accessories provides specific hardware options designed for your security, including but not limited to storing of firearms and valuables. These assessments are priced at $100 per hour.

Contact us to make sure your home or office is as secure as possible.

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